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Custom Solutions

No Brown-Wrapper!

ACE-IT Computing, Inc. is devoted to delivering truly custom solutions with endless possibilities. Many solutions on the market are generic cookie cutter applications and the customer must tailor their business to fit within the parameters of the application. Brown-Wrapper solutions mean compromise and can be costly to the customers business. We throw away the generic cookie cutter and let you, the client, design your own specifically tailored solution to meet your business and operational needs.


Our solutions are custom-fit and modular. With modularity we can customize specific aspects of your business solution and incorporate features quickly as needed. The customer can modify or change many of the feature aspects directly within our custom solutions control module. This capability gives clients the ability to adapt features and functionality of their custom solution to best suit their business procedures. By using our custom modularity solutions, it allows your business services to grow and change without being limited by the application.

Business Services and Processes

Our custom solutions go beyond the normal software solutions. We also help your business grow by applying our years of experience in creating and implementing well designed business processes. We will never tell you how to run your business; instead, we will guide you through the process and give our professional recommendations when necessary, to keep you on the path you've designed for reaching your long-term business goals.

Custom Solutions in Overdrive!

Having ACE-IT Computing, Inc. at your side, you have expert knowledge and years of proven experience at your disposal. By utilizing one of our affiliate development partner programs you will have confidence in knowing you have a truly custom, modular, business service solution which will grow with your business.

We succeed, when you succeed!

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