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Development Affiliate Program™

Program Overview

This program is primarily intended for commerce or service oriented organizations but can be modified to fit any particular need. Due to startup/development costs being the most expensive part of starting any business, with no assurance that your business will succeed, ACE-IT Computing, Inc. has developed a dynamic approach to business through a program we call Development Affiliate Program™, designed to assist clients in achieving the level of success they desire from their business solution. We believe in building win-win relationships with our partner clients. We have committed to finding better ways of doing business in today’s ever changing marketplace. Because of our personal commitment to providing turn-key business solutions for the 21st century and beyond, along with the belief that our personal growth should be in direct correlation to the success of the clients we serve, we have devoted much time, research and energy in developing a dynamic program that will dramatically improve the potential for success of our clients’ business, hence win-win.

How The Program Works

We will work with you to set up your strategic business plan, including any development, host setup, routine maintenance and periodic improvements to your business solution. Optionally, we can work with other affiliate partners to establish a promotion campaign and employ search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to assure your business has a competitive edge. All this at no upfront cost to you! We believe so strongly that you will succeed by utilizing our Development Affiliate Program™, in exchange for our commitment, development efforts and additional services offered within this plan, we will negotiate an agreeable percentage of business profit share as an affiliate partner. Our Development Affiliate Program™ is designed in such a way that we succeed only when and if you succeed; thus our vested interest is in the ultimate success of your business!

What's Included in the Program

We develop and implement a strategic roadmap to your business’ success. We help you logistically plan and develop a budget for your business overhead and plan execution. We assist with maintenance, support, training, and marketing your product/service. We ensure there is a seamless communication layer between you, your customers and your business solution.


• Business Plan Strategy

• Branding Strategy

• Graphic Designs

• Infrastructure Planning & Building

• Data Warehouse Planning & Building

• File Management Planning & Building

• Web Content structuring & Building

• Modular Interface Design

• Engaging and Interactive Custom Interfaces

• User-Friendly Navigation Portals

• Responsive Design

• Search Engine Optimization

• Promotional Campaign

• Integration Processes (optional)

• Content Management Systems (CMS)

• Intuitive Application Management Consoles

• FREE Hosting Management Services

• FREE Application Management Services

• FREE Maintenance, Upgrades

and Enhancement Services

• FREE 24/7 Online Support

• State of the art Secure Host Facility & Network

• Cutting-Edge Technologies

* Operating/overhead expenditures required to fulfill the Development Affiliate Program™ or execution thereof, such as hosting fees, domain name registration fees, licensing fees, certification fees, equipment, setup fees or any third-party fees not covered or explicitly included in the program contract performed by ACE-IT Computing, Inc., will be the responsibility of the customer.

ACE-IT Computing, Inc. is a solutions development company you can trust. Our experienced design and development team understands your business is supported by a strong brand, mission and vision, and will ensure you have a solid foundation which is functional and competitive. We have maintained our status as a leading solutions development company by never compromising our principle beliefs and always adhering to higher standards.

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