ACE IT Computing, Inc.

Simple Solutions to Complex Technologies™

Services list

Company services

Website Development Services

Entry-level to broad-scoped website solutions

Development Affiliate Program™

Complete strategic business planning and development solution with no upfront cost!

eCommerce Website Development

Secure product/services ecommerce solutions

Integration Services

Internet/Intranet application/device/system integration solutions

Strategic Business Analysis Services

Analytic business strategies and planning solutions

Dynamic CMS Development Services

Dynamic Content Management System solution

File/Data Management Services

Integrated data warehouse and management solutions

Information Analysis Services

Intelligent information reporting system solution

Online Promotion/Marketing Services

Strategic real-world marketing and promotion solutions

Branding Services

Company, product and logo branding solutions

Graphic Design and Media Services

Graphic designs and complete media production solutions

On-Site/In-House Consulting & Desktop Development Services

Localized consulting and desktop development solutions

Tradeshow Services

Dynamic tradeshow presentations and booth design strategy solutions

ADHOC/Other Services

$85-$125 per hour a la carte development or other consulting solutions

Highly Skilled Team

We utilize highly skilled team members to ensure the development of high-end, user-friendly applications, thereby reinforcing our reputation as a leading solutions development company. A few of our key proficiencies are...

• Modular Strategies

• Interactive Integrations

• Solid Infrastructures

• Cutting-Edge Technologies

Positive End-User Experience

Our experts utilize a multi-disciplined, task-oriented, hands-on approach to ensure every interface is user-friendly and intuitive. We combine impeccable graphic designs, optimal functionality, and excellent content management into every solution. Our experienced architects, engineers, designers and development professionals will incorporate their expertise into the design of every solution in order to ensure a flawless, integrated design resulting in a positive end-user experience.

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