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California Traffic Safety Institute, Inc.

California Traffic Safety Institute (CTSI) is an iconic industry leader at providing California Court solutions since 1985. With over 28 years in business, California Traffic Safety Institute has established a reputation for the exceptional services they provide the industry. California Traffic Safety Institute operates by their original goals and mission of improving traffic school programs, developing safety programs for continuing education classes, traffic and driving school owners and instructors, developing community grants which enhance traffic safety in California with a focus on child safety. California Traffic Safety Institute has been instrumental in creating a seamless platform by which the public can integrate with the Courts, the Department of Motor Vehicles and traffic schools.

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The Business Solution

California Traffic Safety Institute came to ACE-IT Computing, Inc. in late February 2009 and asked us to build on their existing business model and develop a statewide electronic filing system. We worked closely with their team of knowledgeable experts to establish a project scope, a business plan and product brand. The coalition of our efforts gave birth to a complete statewide management solution called the "Secure Certificate Management System™", the SCMS.

The scope of the project was broad, had many integration challenges, and with CTSI's desire to get ahead of the industry curve, the project was also on a limited timeline. In 3 short months, we took the Secure Certificate Management System™ from concept, to development, to deployment, to launch. The Secure Certificate Management System™ was officially launched July 2009 with no functional issues and has been fully operational statewide since its inception to the present.

Secure Certificate Management System™ infrastructure

Project Proficiencies

ACE-IT Computing, Inc. used cutting-edge technology and unique techniques in the development of the Secure Certificate Management System™ to ensure the system adhered to stringent security protocols and was reliable, robust, intuitive, incorporated required proficiencies, easy to use, and could seamlessly tie multiple agencies together through integrated processes. The Secure Certificate Management System™ has exceeded all these operational requirements and has been highly praised by end-users for its effective and proficient interfaces. The Secure Certificate Management System™ has earned merit in the industry as a highly regarded and valued system.

Solution Proven Results

Proudly, the Secure Certificate Management System™ has proven to be a first-class solution which has not only streamlined the statewide integrated filing process, but has increased overall productivity by 300%, has generated significant man-hour savings, and increased revenue by 1.2 million annually with minimal overhead.

We are honored to have California Traffic Safety Institute as one of our premier partners

and we look forward to future endeavors with this company!

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